The Executive Council on Construction Supply is a think tank
composed of leading independent suppliers throughout the
U.S. and Canada, plus select manufacturers, wholesalers, and
service providers.

We're not a roundtable; we don't share financials. Our purpose
is to study the marketplace and identify emerging opportunities,
then share strategies to capitalize on them.

Membership is by invitation only, limited at the dealer level to
independents and regional chains. Our members tend to be
large—average company size is $94.9 million—but size is not
a criterion for membership.

We simply look for the most aggressive, forward-thinking
companies we can find. As often as not, they're market leaders
—and if not now, soon.

The expected post-recession boom never materialized. Most
observers blame the industry's resistance to change. Investors
hope to cash in by throwing money at anything that looks like

They may or may not force fundamental change in the supply
chain. But they will create turmoil for years to come.

To some that's a threat; to others, an opportunity. If you
believe you're facing the opportunity of a lifetime, you'll find
your peers in the Executive Council on Construction Supply.


For more info, contact Greg Brooks, 303.845.4880 or

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