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The Executive Council on Construction Supply is a think tank composed of leading construction suppliers throughout North America, plus a select group of manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and service providers.

We’re not a roundtable; we don’t share financials. Our mission is to study the marketplace, identify emerging opportunities, and brainstorm strategies to capitalize on them.

Membership is by invitation only, limited at the dealer level to companies with facilities in no more than five states or provinces. Most of our members are market leaders, but size is not a criterion. We just look for the most aggressive, forward-thinking companies we can find.

If they aren’t market leaders now, they will be soon.

The Council consists of three working groups. Each holds a 2-1/2 day annual meeting, then maintains contact throughout the year.

Meetings are attended by owners, officers, and senior executives. Unlike a typical conference, we spend minimal time listening to presentations. Most of our meeting time is spent in peer-to-peer discussions exploring innovative ideas, sharing market intelligence, and debating strategies.

Also unlike most conferences, our meetings are all-inclusive. We spend the entire 2-1/2 days together, from the opening reception to the final wrap-up. The result is a unique opportunity to forge close relationships and build trust with the most dynamic executives in the industry.

Dealer member profile...

Combined dealer revenue: $7.63 billion

Company average: $95.4 million

National Dealers of the Year: 21
(ProSales, LBM Journal, HBS Dealer)


Hyatt Lost Pines Resort & Spa
Austin, Texas, September 16 – 18, 2020

Major issues and trends affecting housing and its supply chain, long-range strategies and tactics for company executives.

Who attends: Owners, offices, senior executives and managers

Estimated attendees: 125 – 140

Embassy Suites Riverfront Promenade,
Sacramento, Calif. October 14 – 16, 2020

Strategies and best practices for suppliers serving production builders, multifamily and light commercial contractors.

Who attends: Owners, officers, manufacturing and turnkey services managers.

Estimated attendees: 45 – 55

Embassy Suites, Denver Int’l Airport
Denver, Colo., June 24 – 26, 2020

POSTPONED UNTIL FALL 2020. Human resource strategies and best practices in construction supply.

Who attends: Human resource
executives and managers.

Estimated attendees: 20 – 30


We provide ongoing analysis of current issues and trends, facilitate informal discussion between members, conduct research and surveys, and compile market data:

Vital Statistics. Over 40 key housing and economic metrics for the U.S. and Canada. Updated as soon as new data is released (Excel).

Local Permit Data. Units, values, and YoY changes for every state, MSA, province, and CMA. Updated quarterly (Excel).

Market Share Estimator. Calculate your market share in any U.S. market, in nine major product categories. Updated quarterly (Excel).

For more info, contact Greg Brooks, 303.845.4880 or Greg@LBMExec.com