The Executive Council on Construction Supply is a think tank composed of leading independent construction suppliers throughout the U.S. and Canada, plus a select group of manufacturers, wholesalers, and service providers.

We’re not a roundtable; we don’t share financials. Our purpose is to study the marketplace, identify emerging opportunities, and develop strategies to capitalize on them.

Membership is by invitation only. Our members tend to be large, but size is not a criterion for membership. We just look for the most forward-thinking, aggressive companies we can find.

If they aren’t market leaders now, they will be soon.



The Executive Council consists of three working groups. Each group holds a 2-1/2-day meeting each year. All members are welcome to participate in any or all of our working groups.

Unlike most conferences, more than half of our time is spent in breakout discussions with 12 to 15 participants, examining new ideas and exploring strategies.


We draw on partner organizations such as the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies and John Burns Real Estate Consuling for expertise on the housing market, but when it comes to construction supply, the true experts are our members.

It's not easy to build relationships when you listen to speeches all day, network over cocktails for an hour, then get turned loose for dinner on your own.


We don't do that. We're together from the opening reception until the final wrap-up. You'll have time to get to know people, build trust, and set the foundation for a long-term working relationship.

Major issues and trends in housing and the economy, strategies, tactics, and best practices for construction suppliers

Who attends: Owners, officers, senior executives

Estimated attendees: 120 - 130

Issues, trends, and strategies unique to the production housing, multifamily, and light commercial markets.

Who attends: Owners, officers, senior executives, manufacturing and construction services managers

Estimated attendees: 50 - 60

Strategies and best practices in human resource management.

Who attends: Human resource executives and managers, senior executives

Estimated attendees: 25 - 30


  • Vital Statistics

    40 key housing and economic metrics for the U.S. and Canada. Updated whenever new data is released.

  • Local Market Data

    Current and prior year permits and permit values for all 50 states, 368 MSAs, ten provinces, and 36 CMAs. Updated quarterly.

  • Market Share Estimator

    Calculate your market share in nine major product categories, for any market in the U.S. Updated quarterly.


U.S. housing is in an untenable position: underbuilt by 2,000,000 to 7,000,000 units depending on who you ask, and falling farther behind each year.

Analysts blame resistance to change within the trades. Investors hope to cash in by throwing money at anything that looks like innovation. They may or may not force fundamental change, but they are guaranteed to generate turmoil for years to come.

To some that’s a threat; to others, an opportunity. If you believe you’re facing the opportunity of a lifetime, you’ll find your peers in the Executive Council on Construction Supply.


For more info, contact Greg Brooks, 303.845.4880 or Greg@LBMExec.com